With well over 30 years’ combined expertise, we have vast experience of working with a wide and varied range of clients, including:

Homeowners and Property Managers

Tell us what you want, and we’ll help you achieve it.

From the very outset, our team will invest time to listen to your needs, and understand how your family use the property. Only then will we propose a solution that delivers precisely what you’re looking for, and one that meets – and in many cases – exceeds your requirements.

As technology specialists, we have the knowhow to provide practical advice and professional guidance. Together, we can help create a clear design brief that captures your practical, aesthetic and technological requirements.

Interior Designers & Architects

Our meticulous approach to design ensures sympathetic integration of technology.

Understanding how the technology can be integrated in a sympathetic way to a building’s design is a critical factor. Our expertise will help you understand the scope and requirements of a system, so that it can be seamlessly incorporated into the overall design.

We know what works best for any given scenario, and can advise on anything that may impact on the interior design or architectural layout. Likewise, we can also provide guidance on planning locations for key pieces of equipment that affords easy access without compromising available space.

Main Contractors and Build Managers

In-depth technical documentation underpins the system design.

Our team will carry out a rigorous process of system design reviews and progress checks throughout your project’s installation. At every step, we’ll check what’s being delivered against the specification requirements to reduce the chances of expensive mistakes and misunderstandings.

Our technical documentation underpins the system design, allowing it to be built and installed effectively. This documentation is shared with all other contractors that are working within the premises, ensuring everyone involved within the project is abreast of how the design impacts their specific responsibilities.