No two projects are ever the same. But one aspect they all have in common is our aim to ensure we deliver every project as efficiently as possible. And that everything works as you would expect it to.

To achieve this, we deliver a completely integrated design and project management consultancy service. We provide expert advice and guidance on a wide range of systems and their associated technologies:

Audio & Visual Systems

In the marine environment, space is at an absolute premium. We understand this, and are experts in optimising available space. So, whether you’d like to roll out distributed audio and video from central sources, or create a dedicated cinema environment that delivers the ultimate big screen experience, we’ll design the right system for you.

Lighting & Blind Control

To control your lighting and blinds simply and smoothly, you’ll need a carefully considered design, coupled with the right equipment working behind the scenes. Working with your interior or lighting designer, we’ll design the right solution that works first time.

Data Networks

Any integrated system is only as good as its data network. So, we’ll design a fast, reliable solution that utilises the very latest technology combined with a managed Wi-Fi system to ensure that you’re always connected, anywhere onboard, 24 hours a day.


Providing flexible and efficient use of Internet connectivity for your guests and crew alike requires careful pre-planning of off-board communication methods. By planning ahead and scoping out the services you wish to provide onboard can keep everyone online all the time.

Security & CCTV

Security is a crucial consideration, so it’s well worth planning these detailed requirements from the outset. This will ensure cameras and sensing devices will be included in the initial design, and installed inconspicuously rather than being fitted retrospectively at much greater expense.

Access Control

Forward planning will ensure a well-designed access control system will deliver ultimate peace of mind by keeping unexpected visitors out, without inhibiting your guests and crew who will still be able to move freely around the vessel.

Pro-Audio & Lighting

Our expertise with live events means we can help you create a dedicated performance space for performers, musicians and DJs to deliver a true concert atmosphere on-board.

Integrated Control

For a smooth, seamless control system, each individual component needs to be carefully integrated. Engaging with our team as early as possible will result in an efficient, reliable design that’s easy to operate, integrates smoothly, and looks clean and unobtrusive.

Other Sectors

We have well over 30 years’ combined experience of delivering specialist integrated technology consultancy in the Superyacht sector. So we know all about the unusual requirements of working in this demanding environment. We’ve now taken that specialist knowhow and expertise to offer the same professional, consultative approach to high-end residential and commercial projects in the UK.